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Song of the Day: Our Last Night- Stay Cover by Rhianna. It doesnt get any better then this!

Song of the Day: Citizen- Tracking Time. If you could do one productive thing today, it would be to watch this video! 

Song of the Day: Knuckle Puck- No Good! Do yourself a favor and watch!! Message me your idea of the next song of the day!

Song of the Day: Basement-Crickets Throw Their Voice. STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND WATCH

Song of the Day: The Story So Far- Four Years Acoustic. LISTENNNN

Song of the Day #6: State Champs- Stick Around acoustic. If you havent seen it, youre missing out! 

Song of the Day #5: Real Friends- Late Nights In My Car. Making a huge impact in the pop punk scene. Hope you like it!!